Notable People Recorded


Many of these have been "sit down" interviews I've recorded.

I've indicated this with a *. Others I've worked directly have a **

The rest are from productions or events that I've lensed.





Jimmy Carter              Rosalynn Carter

Ronald Reagan           Nancy Reagan

George H.W. Bush*     Barbara Bush

Bill Clinton                   Hillary Clinton*

George W. Bush          Laura Bush*

Barak Obama              Michelle Obama


US Government Officials

Joe Biden

Hillary Clinton*

Condoleezza Rice

Colin Powell*

Madeleine Albright*

John Kerry*

John Edwards*

Warren Christopher

Frank Charles Carlucci III

Caspar Weinberger*

George Schultz

James Baker*

Leslie Aspin, Jr.*

Zbigniew Brzezinski*

Lt Gen Brent Scowcroft*

Richard Armitage*

Donald Rumsfeld*

Richard "Dick" Cheney*

Robert Carl "Bud" McFarlane*




Joe Biden

John Breaux*

Bob Dole*

John Edwards*

Al Franken

Bob Graham*

Edward Kennedy*

John Kerry*

Joe Lieberman*

Mary Landrieu

Richard Lugar*

John McCain*

Harry Reid*

Trent Lott*

Richard Lugar*

Hillary Clinton

Richard Shelby*

Harry Reid*

George John Mitchell*

Ron Wyden*

Many, Many Others


US Representatives

Tip O,Neil

Nancy Pelosi*

Newt Gingrich*


Dennis Hastert*

John Lewis

John Boehner

Tom Foley

Jim Wright

Many, Many Others


World Leaders

Margaret Thatcher

John Major

Tony Blair

Mikhail Gorbachev

Yasser Arafat

Nelson Mandella



Famous  and  Notable

(in alphabetical order)


Gerry Adams*

Ben Affleck**

Marv Albert

Robert Ballard**

Marion Barry*

Lorena Bobbit*

Diana, Princess of Wales


Robert H. Bork*

Garth Brooks*

Colbie Caillat

Tom Clancy*

Bill Cosby

Dominique Dawes**

Elmo* (Kevin Clash)

Gloria Estefan*

Frank Gehry*

Dan Jansen**

Flory Jagoda

Beyoncé Knowles

Kelly Clarkson

Bill Gates

Joe Gibbs*

Arianna Huffington*

Charlton Heston**

Jesse Jackson*

Eartha Kitt*

Monica Lewinsky

Ozzy Osbourne*

Elizabeth Taylor

Robin Williams*

Rod Stewart*

Queen Noor **

Maureen O'Hara*

Louis Farrakhan

Donna Rice (Hughes)**

Jennifer Lopez*

Bill Marriott**

David Marriott**

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Oliver North**

Henry "Hank" Paulson*

Tom Ridge

Mike Rowe**

Erno Rubik (Rubik's Cube)*

Anthony K. Shriver**

Ted Sorensen*

Kevin Spacey*

Kenneth Starr

Robert A.M. Stern*


James Taylor

Edward Teller*

Dennis Van Roekel**

J. Craig Venter*

Robin Wright**

Michele Yoeh**

I Went to...


The University of Maryland, College Park

Bachelor of Arts, Radio, Television and Film

Minor in Broadcast Journalism


I Went to... (for Shoots...)


(UC) Berkeley

Johns Hopkins


University of Virginia

Virginia Tech

George Mason University



University of Maryland, College Park

Montgomery College

Moore College of Art and Design

James Madison University

Washington University in St. Louis

Penn State

Georgetown University

George Washington University

American University

Howard University

Bowie State University

Virginia Comonwealth University

William & Mary

University of Maryland Medical


Salisbury State University

NC State

Temple University

Excelsior College



Notable Events Covered


Reagan-Gorbachev Summit,

Reykjavik Iceland October, 1986

Camera/Edit on this historic event


1986 FIFA World Cup Soccer

Mexico from May 31 to June 29 - Argentina won


1988 Winter Olympics, in Calgary Canada, February 1988


Every Presidential Inauguration since

George H.W. Bush.

Five Inaugurations from the Capitol Balustrade position


Waco-Mount Carmel Center-Branch Dividians-April 19, 1993- The day of the FBI action and the ensuing fire where David Koresh and 75 followers died. Covered day of and events that followed.


Two years to the day later...


Oklahoma City Bombing-Covered the April 19th, 1995 day of and subsequent events in the bombing which claimed 168 lives.


Dayton Peace Accords


The entire Monica Lewinsky & William Jefferson Clinton thing...

Starting with the National Airport arrival of Paula Jones... and then Linda Tripp... and Monica... at a literal arms length... oh my.... to the testimony on Capitol Hill. Kenneth Star and company were other tawdry threads covered in this titillating, long, hard-running story.


Colin Powell- November 8, 1995 - when he put an end to speculation and announced that he would not run for the presidency. "a calling that I do not yet hear."


The events of September 11, 2001

Dulles International Airport

The Pentagon- Flag Draping over the side

The fire flare up at the Pentagon when the fire started to burn again. This was such a large event it was difficult at the time to imagine all of the implications. It still continues to this day.


Network Pool Head On Camera at President Bush's speech to Congress on September 20th, 2001. This is the tight shot you watch for most of the speech.


Network Pool Head On Camera at President Bush's State of the Union Address, January 29, 2002


September 11, 2002- One year anniversary events at the Pentagon air crash site.


Washington DC area sniper attacks. Three weeks in October 2002 of coordinated shootings that took the lives of 10 people and critically injured three other victims. Covered various locations but for some reason I can't explain, Montgomery County, Maryland Police Chief Charles Moose chose to stare into my camera to deliver a plea to the sniper. Chilling events.


June 8-10, 2004 G8 summit in Sea Island Georgia. Network Pool cameraman. Amongst other events, I used a Canon 40x lens on the beach to cover the group walk of the eight head's of state. Only one chance on this shot....


TARP debates and events on Capitol Hill-2009



More to come...


So many corporate shoots it including the top people in large companies and associations.



This page could be construed as name dropping, because it is...

Companies, Organizations and Agencies Worked For Over the Years

(In Alphabetical Order)


A work in progress...



ABC News

Administrative Office of the US Courts


BBC News

Blue Collar Productions


CBS News

Community Catalyst


Crews Control Corporation


Discovery Networks


DIY "I Want That"

Fog Edge Media

Fox News

Freedom Forum




History Channel

IMG Media



Marriott International


Oil Spill Commission



National Geographic


NBC News

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

The Pew Charitable Trust

Resources for the Future

Reuters TV


Smithsonian Networks

The Ad Store

Travelex Currency

Video Solutions

Virginia Railway Express

Virginia Theological Seminary

Viva Creative













Reinsel Video, Inc.

Shoot - Edit - Distribute